Five fires in close proximity on same street in Blythe stir arson suspicions

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The call came in early in the morning...the shed outside John Blaylock's home on 4129 Bath Edie was on fire.

"I said to myself, ‘There ain’t nobody knocking at the door at this hour’...and they knocked so loud it shook my bed," Blaylock says.

Blaylock says the fire started in a corner...but he didn't store anything flammable there.

And electricity couldn't have caused it because the corner is nowhere near the wiring. The official report says, "Cause unknown."

"If they see something that’s suspicious, they'll say okay, we need an investigator," says Lt. Carlton Bradley.

He investigates suspicious scenes if local firefighters report a possible problem.

"If they never report it to us, we never actually know they had an event where they needed us," Lt. Bradley says.

Lt. Bradley didn't know about Blaylock's concerns until we brought it to his attention.

The abandoned house that burned is less than a mile from Mr. Blaylock...and that has some neighbors concerned.

Arthur Yoho lives across the street from the charred house at 4126 Bath Edie. The report for that address also says the cause of the fire is unknown.

"It seems to me it's getting common," says Yoho.

Yoho and Blaylock are both suspicious.

"There wasn't nothin over here that would ignite,” says Blaylock.

And investigators tell 12 another abandoned house, at 5051 Bath Edie, also had a fire recently...and the report says neighbors saw young people loitering around the house before it started.