Firefighters vs. Colclough

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Firefighters made another appearance at the Augusta Commission Tuesday.

They were calling on one commissioner to apologize for what they say are offensive comments he made toward them.

It all stems from city employees paying to go to the Family Y.

Some employees are getting a discount, and Commissioner Richard Colclough says that's not fair. He says he's tired of the 9-11 tragedy being used as an excuse for discounts.

Augusta Professional Firefighters President Charles Masters says Commissioner Colclough owes firefighters an apology.

“He shouldn't have made those comments, they were offensive, absurd,” Masters says. “You have to be put in check when you make statements like that.”

It all stems back weeks ago when Family Y executive approached the commission about increasing the corporate membership fees for city employees by two dollars.

Commissioner Colclough realized public safety employees were getting a discount.

He says all employees should pay the same for membership.

“My intention is that everybody, regardless of what your job is, because you choose that job, be treated the same,” says Colclough.

But Charles Masters says the discounts acknowledged them after 9-11.

“They felt after 9-11, they couldn't do much, but they could do that,” says Masters. “Regardless of how it came out, I took offense to it.”

Commissioner Colclough says that is now in the past.

“My statement was, I am tired of people using that tragedy as a marketing tool,” says Colclough.

Commissioner Colclough says he will not retract the statement.

“I have no intentions of apologizing because I think there is nothing to apologize for,” he said.