Teen sex case a wakeup call

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Two former Greenbrier athletes are free this afternoon.

Shadrick Harris and Reggie Rice were charged last year on multiple sex charges stemming from a party.

News 12's Stephanie Baker is live in the newsroom with why cases like this should be a wakeup call.

The district attorney's office and Juvenile Court are stepping up their efforts to educate kids and parents. After today, Shad and Reggie understand that breaking the law means facing the music.

In the final hearing of the case, all five teenagers involved got their punishment from Judge Douglas Flanagan.

"Even when people have consensual relations, it can lead to problems. You have to be more careful," says Judge Douglas Flanagan.

That's his message for Shad, Reggie, and their families. Shad was indicted months ago on aggravated sex charges and for giving alcohol to minors. Attorneys agreed to the plea deal, accepting the lesser charge of sexual battery.

Reggie Rice was indicted on similar charges, plus one of rape. Thanks to a plea agreement, he faces a lesser charge of statutory rape.

A victory for defense attorney Jacque Hawk.

"Under all the circumstances, I'm glad everybody came together, sat down, and talked,” says Hawk.

The boys' reverend, Larry Fryer, thinks their mandatory Sex Ed. classes and community service is fair.

"I hope all families involved learned a lesson that morals in society today are very important," says Reverend Fryer.

That's District Attorney Danny Craig’s message in the schools. Last night at Riverside was his eighth presentation in a year.

"Sometimes consequences have lifetime effects," Craig says.

The judge agrees...so he started an abstinence campaign in Columbia County schools.

"The current trend...we're seeing more and more cases statewide,” says Flanagan.

The boys left for the final time with 18 months probation for Shad and 24 for Reggie. Judge Flanagan hopes education will prevent stories like this in the future.

"When you do adult actions, they have adult consequences," Flanagan says.

There are four other minors in the case: three girls and one boy.

Those cases are closed, but the judge tells 12 they face charges ranging from fornication to sexual battery.

The school board says they are willing to review each boy's case if either wants to come back to Greenbrier.