Columbia County sex talk

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It was an open and frank discussion about sex--in particular, what's legal and what's not when it comes to what your kids can do.

News 12's Diane Cho was at Monday night's meeting, where the district attorney was trying to warn parents and kids.

A number of cases of kids having sex is what's driving the D.A. to talk face to face with parents--hoping that they'll learn something now, so they don't pay the price later.

Sex, drugs and alcohol...they're topics parents don't like to discuss with their children because many parents don't think kids are involved with them.

“There’s no sense of me coming here and sugar coating things about real life decisions and real life consequences.”

District Attorney Danny Craig is speaking in front of parents, teachers and even students at Riverside Middle School, so they don't make a mistake that could stick with them for the rest of their lives.

“We can't go back and change things,” says Craig.

Ginger Custer, a Columbia County parent, says she came to the seminar with her 14-year-old son so that he could hear the consequences himself even though he's already seen it first-hand...recently one of their family friends had a child prosecuted in superior court.

”I’ve seen the pain of what that family has gone through and at that point I said I need to educate my children and not think my child won't do that type of thing,” Custer says.

One of the biggest problems Craig sees in the tri-county area is the "after party".

“If you think of yourself as a cool parent, you're probably your child’s worst nightmare,” he says.

Parents say they do feel the pressure from society to be that parent.

“For a lot of parents being the child’s friend, they want that communication but the children want us to be their parent,” says Custer.

“Absolutely, kids come back and say ‘Well Mom, their parents are cool they let us do this or that’, there's a lot of pressure,” says Peggie Whitehurst, another Columbia County parent.

If turnout is any indication, this is something parents wanted to find out more about. The gym at Riverside Middle was full.