Decision handed down for Shad Harris and Reggie Rice

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It's a story that's been talked about for five months: the day in court for Shad Harris and Reggie Rice.

High school students Shad Harris and Reggie Rice are both free this afternoon, under certain conditions.

It all started late last year, when deputies say they gave alcohol to underage girls at a party.

Both reached a plea agreement with prosecutors today.

Harris was originally indicted on several counts of aggravated child molestation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Today's agreement means Harris admits to one count of sexual battery and faces 18 months probation with community service.

Rice was originally indicted on charges similar to Harris, plus one count of rape. Today, that was dropped to statutory rape, meaning he'll serve two years probation and community service.

Today Juvenile Court Judge Douglas Flanagan gave a stern warning to the kids and parents.

“These actions aren’t uncommon, and involves teenagers every day. But I want to make it clear that adult actions have adult consequences," Judge Flanagan said.

Both cases were transferred down from superior court late last year. Several other juveniles still face charges, but those cases are closed because of the ages of the accused.

Everyone involved has to go through a sex education class.