Augusta Commission Tuesday agenda

Augusta commissioners were gearing up Tuesday for a busy afternoon of talk…and maybe some action.

Some old and some new issues, from drag strip to panhandling to pay’s all on the agenda.

“It is an issue, panhandling is,” says Augusta mayor Deke Copenhaver.

Some say it’s a problem, others say its not. But if approved Tuesday, a new ordinance could crackdown on aggressive begging downtown.

Commissioners may consider jail time and fines for repeat offenders.

“I’m glad they're doing something to address it,” says downtown business owner Barry Blackston.

And some Augusta firemen want a public apology from commissioner Richard Colclough.

They will address what they call "offensive statements" in which Colclough reportedly said 9/11 is over and that it shouldn't be used as a reason to give public safety discounted fitness services at taxpayer expense.

Plus…she was fired by six commissioners in December, but is still getting paid. Today, commissioners will try again to agree on a severance package for former city engineering director Teresa Smith.

“Bottom line, it’s too much time that has elapsed,” says commissioner Andy Cheek. “It becomes a gratuity to pay someone to stay at home and not work.”’s been talked about for years, but now some say its time to lift him up where he belongs.

A vote to place the godfather of soul's statue on a pedestal. But is it something the city can afford?

“We must be frugal at this point, we don’t have any extra funds at this time,” says commissioner Betty Beard.

And that’s not all. We can expect more discussion about the study done at a proposed site for the drag strip.

And some commissioners also want to approve pay raises to some elected officials.

News 12 will have live team coverage of Tuesday’s meeting beginning on News 12 First at Five.