On Your Side: Augusta Defense Contracts

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We're a world away from Iraq, but Augusta businesses are making their own contributions to national defense.

And they are cashing in doing it.

12 On Your Side's Ryan Duffy looks at who in Augusta is getting defense dollars.

The Department of Defense pumped nearly $19 million into the Augusta economy last year.

Our home front is not only supplying the war in Iraq with soldiers and supplies, but also healthcare those soldiers will need the rest of their lives.

Iraq, Afghanistan...Fort Gordon. Wherever the military needs mechanical parts, Byron Morris is under contract to provide them.

"Can't find it in the supply system, so they come to someone like us," Morris says.

His company, Southeastern Supply, is one of 28 in Augusta with contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense.

He received more than a million dollars last year to ship parts from his huge Augusta warehouse for maintenance on military vehicles worldwide.

"Normally they’ll pull it into a shop in Iraq or Afghanistan, the guys in the shop usually call us."

Some of Augusta's other largest contractors include: Commercial and Military Systems, which refurbishes used military equipment with a more than $1 million contract; Murray Biscuits, which has a $3 million contract; and Keybridge Technologies, whose contract is worth $4,178,000.

Then there is MCG, which has a grant to combat prostate cancer.

"There are many men serving in military and with age and prostate cancer important in men’s health," says cancer Bao Ling Adams.

Adams’ contract is to study proteins as the fingerprint, or early warning, of prostate cancer.

"Using the fingerprints can predict which can be cancer and which are not cancer."

There is only one major contract on the list from Aiken County, but it is significant.

In fact it pretty much eclipses the rest of the region.

That's the $92 million contract going to SRS.

To see the whole list with a breakdown by contracts and amounts, click here.