Columbia County path to extend

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Columbia County is working on a new path for walking, biking and running.

News 12's Kristen Cosby is on your side with where the path will go, and how soon you can enjoy it.

Bubba and Susan Puryear are regulars on Columbia County’s bike path.

“Try to do it once or twice a week, but since the weather is getting better, probably do it more,” says Bubba.

And the couple is happy to hear that their ride is getting longer and safer.

Columbia County is extending the trail on Evans to Lock Road. They're also connecting it.

Right now there's a gap, and it means if you want your exercise to go down all of Evans to Lock, you have to get through the busy intersection at Fury's Ferry Road.

“We wouldn't have to ride in the road,” Bubba says. “That's the main thing, having to deal with the traffic. It's terrible up near Fury's Ferry Road trying to get across.”

The current trail is in red on this map. The part in green is what's to come.

The plan: to connect the two Evans to Lock Road paths and extend it onto North Belair Road, right in front of the Columbia County Goverment Complex.

“They're probably 70 percent through with design,” says Mark Chostner, Columbia County's manager of facility services. He estimates the new pavement will cost the county 1.1 million dollars.

“Right now I think they're looking towards SPLOST, and if it can't be in SPLOST then they'll look for another means to fund it,” Chostner says.

The plans for the new path are expected to be complete in the fall, and hopefully we'll be walking and riding on it by fall of '07.