Inmate missing

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A prisoner serving time for armed robbery and aggravated assault is on the streets tonight.

Darrell Crowder was working a shift on work release with Augusta’s Transitional Center when he was reported missing.

Crowder was working his regular shift at Schlotzsky’s deli on Washington Road last night. He was supposed to come straight back to the Transitional Center.

But that never happened.

45-year-old Darrell Crowder has been serving time in jail throughout the state for more than 20 years.

His crimes include armed robbery, aggravated assault, and even an escape.

Yet despite those charges he was recommended by a parole board to participate in a work release program here at Augusta’s Transitional Center before he was to be released in the next six months.

Under state law, Crowder is allowed to participate in the work release program because most of the crimes were committed more than ten years ago.

The Department of Corrections tells News 12 that Crowder was considered a minimal security risk and has had no prior problems while working at Schlotzsky’s.

They told News 12 it was “not a major incident” because Crowder was recommended by a parole board.

Darrell Crowder weighs 190 pounds and is about six feet tall.

Even though Crowder worked here in Augusta, he's not from this area, and the crimes he committed were not local, either.

Most of the crimes he committed occurred in Spaulding County, just south of Atlanta.

But before he came to Augusta he served at the men's state prison in Milledgeville.