Seven students arrested for marijuana possession

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Seven Aiken High School students are facing drug possession charges after police find marijuana in the school parking lot.

The school principal admits he's disappointed that these students would act irresponsibly, and that it's a hard lesson for his other students to learn.

As students pulled in to Aiken High School, they weren't aware their seats, floors, and glove compartments were about to be searched.

Sgt. David Turno of the Aiken Department of Public Safety says, "All the drugs that were found today were outside in the parking lot, in vehicles in the parking lot."

And it's here K-9 narcotic dogs sniffed out marijuana, liquor and other drug paraphernalia.

"I feel like if they can bring drugs on this campus, they can bring anything else on this campus and that's bad,” says Sylvia Miller, mother of a ninth grader at Aiken High.

The test comes just one month after a drug sweep at South Aiken High School.

The dogs you see here belong to Richmond County, where similar checks are done at random.

It's an effort, officials say, to keep kids out of trouble.

While drugs on campus remains a concern, so does the extent of the problem.

"It's always disappointing to know that kids make wrong decisions but it is part of growing up and we have to deal with it," says Aiken High principal Joe Padget.

Six students - now suspended and possibly facing expulsion - are all being charged as adults.

One juvenile female also faces charges.

"They could have a permanent record on their background now for possession of marijuana which could follow them the rest of their lives which is not a good thing,” Sgt. Turno says.

It’s a tough lesson to learn, but one the school principal supports.

"More than that to me is just the fact that you've got to make right choices," says Padget.

"This will send a strong message to those students and to other students who do bring drugs on campus... you don't know when we're coming and when we do we will find them,” says Sgt. Turno.

This was the first drug sweep at Aiken High School this year. It may or may not be the last.