Two students charged with indecent exposure

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Two Lakeside High School students are charged with indecent exposure after they were spotted having sex on campus.

Just as teachers and bus drivers arrived to work early Tuesday morning, one male and one female student were alone on a softball field...about to be caught in the act.

It wasn't what the school's security officer expected to find in the softball field dugout.

"Everybody's talking about it. Everybody is,” says Melissa Summers, a Lakeside senior. “And how they got caught. It's pretty much a shock.”

It’s a shock to parents, teachers and school administrators that a crime this sexual in nature could occur, not only on school grounds but also by two of its students.

"That is messed up,” Summers says. “Who would do that? Especially on school property?"

It happened around 7:30 Tuesday morning.

A sixteen-year-old male and sixteen-year-old female having sex just forty feet from a school parking lot.

Damien Hussaini, a Lakeside sophomore, says, "It's something you would never expect to happen, but when it does, it's kind of big news."

And while rumors fly, legal action is underway.

According to the school's code of conduct, public indecency is a serious violation, with even more serious consequences...including expulsion.

It's rare behavior, students say, for a school like Lakeside.

"I don't think it's reflective of Lakeside High School at all,” says Hussaini. “Most of the students at Lakeside High School are well-mannered students. They're really focused on studying."

According to the Columbia County sheriff's office, the two students had a detention hearing Wednesday. They have since been released to their parents.

Both are charged with indecent exposure.