Surviving spring allergies

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The temperatures are rising, and so are the pollen levels.

Meteorologist Adam Clark tells us how you can be prepared for the up-coming allergy season.

The plants are beginning to bloom, bud and pollinate. So how can you keep from having the allergy blues?

While the allergy season has already started, allergist Dr. Dennis Ownby says the worst is still ahead. That's because warm temperatures mean higher pollen counts.

"If we get several warm days in a row, it will rapidly increase," Dr. Ownby says.

Part of knowing about your allergies is knowing where they come from.

Dr. Ownby says the major allergens don't come from flowers. It's trees that cause the major problems.

So what can you do to keep from having the allergy blues?

You should stay indoors as much as possible. When you get in the car, leave the windows up and the air conditioner on.

And how can you keep from being drowsy from antihistamines like Benadryl?

"If you take a large dose at bed time, you'll get rid of most of the drowsiness at night when you're asleep anyway. So you'll have less trouble during the day,” says Dr. Ownby.

We welcome the warmer temperatures, but we have to be ready for the pollen as well.

Dr. Ownby says it's much better to control your symptoms.

If you start as soon as symptoms appear, rather than wait until they get really severe.

And take your medication on a regular basis, instead of just taking them on certain days.