Deadly accident on Fury's Ferry Road

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A violent collision in Columbia County today left one driver dead, and another injured.

It happened along Fury's Ferry Road, near the Bridlewood subdivision, just past Jones Creek.

Traffic is back to normal along Fury's Ferry Road but the marks on the road tell the story of a deadly accident that happened right here just hours ago.

Mashed and mangled metal is about all that’s left of a Mazda Protégé involved in the accident.

“I heard a huge crash and we came running out,” says Pauline Whise, a witness to the wreck.

“It was [like] a huge bomb went off. And the windows were closed. So if they were open I mean, it would have been louder.”

Investigators say just before noon, fifty five year old Mansur Ahmed was driving east on Fury's Ferry Road in the Protégé when he swerved into the westbound lane of the Ford F-50 truck twenty-two year old John Moody was driving.

The skid marks on the road show the truck tried to avoid the accident...but the two cars collided head on, sending the truck into a ditch.

Moody survived with minor head injuries. Ahmed was killed.

Whise says she did what she could to help: “I didn’t even go to the car. I just stayed with the man in the truck.”

Whise says the crash should be another reminder of the need to slow down on this road. “They fly through here constantly all the time and they need to slow down.”

Witnesses say speeding is a major problem along this road. But authorities say they don't believe speed was a factor in this case.
This is the second deadly wreck on Fury’s Ferry this year.

The first was February 3rd.

A Florida man was killed and his son-in-law was charged with vehicular homicide.

That accident occurred at Fury’s Ferry and Rivermont Drive, near the state line.

Last year, there was another fatal wreck on Fury’s Ferry. It occurred at Baston Road.