Meth lab bust in Aiken County

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Three people are in jail after a meth lab bust in Aiken County.

HAZMAT crews were called to clean up the scene at a home off Breezy Hill Drive in Burnettown around 6:45 Monday night.

30-year-old Franklin Farrel, Jr., 20-year-old Blake Bratcher, and 34-year-old Kristi Bratcher are all charged with manufacturing meth.

Michael Frank of the Aiken County sheriff's office tells News 12, "These individuals were cooking throughout the home: in the bedroom, in the living area... Some components were even found in the attic."

Another man was charged with drug possession last night.

44-year-old Rusty Noling is facing charges of manufacturing marijuana and possession of a controlled substance.

He was allegedly growing marijuana outside his trailer.