BREAKING NEWS: Body found in trash

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In a developing story out of downtown Augusta, investigators are looking into the discovery of a body in a garbage can behind a business off Broad Street.

The body of a white male was found late this morning at 516 Broad Street, behind William Murrell and Associates, a local limo service.

The owner of the business says he made the discovery on his way into work this morning.

William Murrell usually comes into work through the back door. But this morning, he noticed something strange.

A garbage can that wasn't his.

"I opened up my trashcan and discovered a body in there."

Murrell tells News 12 he immediately called 911. Several dozen curious people gathered around the business as Richmond County investigators rolled onto the scene. Officers blocked the area off a little before noon so they could figure out what happened.

"The victim is at the crime lab and we are handling this as a homicide investigation,” says Lieutenant Scott Peebles. He says the body is at the lab so they can figure out a cause of death. Officers say the man was in the garbage can around 48 hours, possibly less.

"Our next step is to figure out who he is and try to retrace his steps."

They looked for answers in the trash can and through the pile of nearby garbage and scrap metal.

"It was totally shocking, something you just don't see every day,” says William Murrell, who watched from the sidelines as his office transformed into a crime scene.