Dumb and Dangerous Driving - February 22, 2006

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February 22, 2006
It’s day two of our special assignment Dumb and Dangerous Driving. You e-mailed us about bad driving and we set out to catch it on camera.

Bad driving doesn’t just happen when your car is moving. Cars parked in the wrong space can also create big backups. Take a look at the Dumb and Dangerous Driving and parking we caught on camera.

After your emails poured in, photojournalist Kevin Carlson and I set out to catch local drivers in the danger zone.

One viewer writes about Union Street in Aiken. A train divides the street in half and our cameras catch this car trying to beat the train. There’s no accident, but it’s a close call.

Later in the day the rain comes down in Aiken. We head out to Aiken’s busiest street, Whiskey Road. There are several red light runners at Whiskey and East Gate Drive by the Aiken Mall.

At the Whiskey and Pinelog Road intersection the lights get backed up. Drivers trying to turn on green get stuck in the middle after it turns red. This car just avoids getting hit. And drivers say it’s the norm.

“It’s a constant really, coming through this intersection and trying to make a turn and then you usually get caught,” said Greta Way, Aiken driver.

On Saturday, parking at Augusta’s Y is always crowded. Many people park in the grass or way down there. But just because it’s tough to find a space doesn’t mean it’s okay to break the rules.

As we circle the parking lot for a space this car comes at us head on, blocking us for a while. And we notice a car parked in what isn’t a space, could be tough for the drivers on either side to get out of their spots. But this Corolla with its blinking lights really stands out, parked in the fire lane. We watch it sit there for 24 minutes. Nearby cars have a tough job backing out, and some traffic gets blocked because of the car. When the driver comes out, we ask her why she did this.

“We couldn’t help but see that you were blocking the fire lane for at least 20 minutes,” News 12 said.
“I couldn’t find my baby, I was late and he had to play two games,” the driver said.
“Well, why not park in the grass or somewhere that’s legal? What if a fire truck came?” News 12 said.
“It was an accident, I completely forgot,” the driver said.

We still can’t see how you can accidentally park on this curb painted bright red with Fire Lane written in bright yellow. But this driver promised to be more careful in the future.

And we have another night of Dumb and Dangerous Driving. Tomorrow night on News 12 at 6 o’clock several of you wrote us about the turn lane on Wheeler Road going onto Robert C. Daniel Parkway. We confront drivers who are creating a backup there.