Dumb and Dangerous Driving - February 21, 2006

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February 21, 2006
It’s one of life’s biggest frustrations, bad drivers. Don’t you wish you had a camera to catch that person who cut you off last week, or those speeders who keep terrorizing your neighborhood? News 12 set out to do just that.

Drivers who break the rules drive us all crazy. Your e-mails poured in about dumb and dangerous drivers near you. So we set out to catch it on tape.

Diana Nevils worries about the elderly in her neighborhood when they cross this four-way stop at Battle Row Drive and Metcalf Drive. She watches the danger from her porch.

“They run through. They never slow down a lot of times. I say you catch them at the right time and you’re going to have a collision on that,” Nevils said.

We set up our camera there and sure enough, one car after another, after another, after another rolls right through the four-way stop. You would think it’s a yield sign.

Others wrote about Washington Road’s drivers. We catch a driver more concerned about a cigarette light than the stoplight. This lady keeps cars way back from the intersection. And we spot this driver on Washington Road who forgot to shut his trunk, whoops!

We noticed some dangerous driving while going live after the death under the Olive Road railroad bridge. The road underneath the bridge was closed while a fallen beam was repaired, but we saw many cars ignoring signs and going right underneath. After setting up our camera, the only driver we catch on tape is this green SUV. He starts to go under but sees News 12 so he turns around, loops behind us and heads the right way down the street.

We had to leave our Olive Road stakeout for another interview, but when we returned a few hours later we saw sheriff’s officers must have noticed drivers trying to slip through these barriers. Drivers won’t be getting through anymore. Now a concrete wall is up so no one can get under this bridge.

We also catch speeders in a school zone. As school is getting out at Garrett Elementary off Eisenhower Drive, many cars are going ten over the speed limit. This Rav 4 whizzes by at 40 miles per hour and we find the driver lives on the same street as the school.

“Did you know you were going 15 over?” News 12 asked.
“I didn’t,” the driver said.
“You didn’t know?” News 12 asked.
“No, I didn’t,” the driver said.
“These are your neighborhood kids, aren’t they?” News 12 asked.
“Yes they are,” the driver said.
“And you don’t want to hurt them?” News 12 asked.
“No,” the driver said.

This driver says she’ll be more careful next time.

We have two more nights of Dumb and Dangerous Drivers caught on camera. Coming up on News 12 at 6 o’clock on Wednesday night we’ll show you a car trying to beat a train, and someone blocking a fire lane for half an hour. We confront drivers to find out why.