Woman Sentanced To Pick Up Road Kill

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February 17, 2006
It’s an unusual sentence for the woman who killed and mutilated an Aiken County bull. As News 12 reports, the bull’s owner doesn’t think her punishment fits the crime.

Cattle farmer Otto McCarty loves his animals. That’s why he was so upset when in October of 2004 Barbara Rogers and four men hut one of his bulls not once, but twice. The first time, McCarty discovered his bull.

“He was stabbed about 80 times in the side, bleeding, his head was all mutilated,” McCarty said.

The group then returned a second time, breaking through the fence, shooting the bull in the head and dragging it along Wire Road. The bull died and was found when a car hit the carcass.

Barbara Rogers pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiring with the young men to killing the bull and burglarizing several other homes in the area. In a plea deal, she was sentenced to four years probation, including paying restitution and serving community service.

“Am I satisfied? No, I’m not,” McCarty said.

McCarty thinks the sentence is too weak. He wanted to see Rogers serve jail time.

“I think it was a giveaway. I cannot believe somebody is charged with burglary, receiving stolen goods and conspiracy to commit a crime and they walk,” McCarty said.

Part of the sentence, unusual and some may say it fits the crime, is cleaning up road kill.

“I don’t think it will teach them anything. People like that don’t ever learn lessons,” McCarty said.

Will cleaning up dead animals change someone who mutilated a bull? Only time will tell.

The men involved gave conflicting stories and that was part of the reason for the plea deal.