North Augusta Makes Room For New Municipal Center

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February 16, 2006
North Augusta’s Municipal Building is over 20 years old and it’s outgrowing itself. Ten years ago the city knew it would need a bigger building. This week the city started making room for a new municipal center.

Space is running out at North Augusta’s Municipal Building. One stairwell is now storage space, closing off any stairwell access.

“Essentially we need more space, we need to bring other functions back into one building that we just a few years ago took out of this building,” Smith said.

Ten years ago it was decided that the city would need a new building and this would allow departments in other locations to be under one roof.

In October the city purchased 1.8 acres of land on Georgia Avenue from North Augusta 2000, a group that acquires land for redevelopment purposes. The new property is adjacent to six-tenths of an acre purchased years ago at the mouth of the city.

“I think it is an ideal location,” said James Sutton, Department of Utilities and Operations.

James Sutton is in charge of taking down these buildings you see in red.

“Final phase removal of buildings we are hoping by the end of the week,” Sutton said. “It doesn’t take long to tear things down, it takes a little longer to build them.”

The city is still tweaking the design of the new $9.5 million building.

“We are going to bring a general contractor on board to be a part of the design team that will allow us to get under construction we hope before the end of this calendar year,” said Charles Martin, City Administrator.

The city administrator says there is a plan to add cultural and heritage space n the building. Public Safety plans to expand into the old municipal building when the new building is complete.