New Augusta Hospital Fills Niche

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February 15, 2006
It may seem like Augusta doesn’t need another hospital, but a new one is coming to town. And there is a need for a Select Specialty Hospital. It will be located along Walton Way near 15th Street.

On Wednesday, hospital and community staff broke ground for the new Select Specialty Hospital, which specializes in long-term care.

Trucks are already working on building a 72,000 square foot hospital with 80 beds on this Walton Way lot. If you are thinking Augusta already has enough hospitals, well think again. Select Specialty Hospital fills a patient niche.

“We are a long term acute care hospital and we focus on patients who are critically ill, have a lot of different problems going on,” said Brian Davis, CEO.

But Select Specialty isn’t new to Augusta. They’ve been here for six years. Right now they rent 35 beds at MCG and 30 at University.

The Morris family’s mother has been at Select Specialty’s University space since the fall. They say the hospital has made a difference in mom’s recovery.

“Here they know that they’re going to take care of them long term, so they become friends. They’re here for them emotionally as well as physically,” said Jodie Hughes.

And in an age when insurance companies often rush patients out of care, the Morris family says a place like Select is a must.

“The insurance industry is a nightmare. Not only though from them, but the physicians themselves are put under a great deal of pressure to get these patients in, get them out,” said Mary Anne Story.

260 people work for Select now. The building should provide another 150 jobs. It’s good news for the community. Good news for patient care. And good news for families.

You’ll see the new hospital here by November.