Worries About Columbia Road at Orchard Hill Subdivision Exit

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February 15, 2006
Some are calling it a dangerous intersection, saying cars are going too fast for comfort. News 12 has more from the intersection of Columbia Road and Shepherd way.

Hundreds of cars come and go each day, inching out of the Orchard Hill subdivision onto Columbia Road. To the right, cars slightly visible over a hill coming down the road, traveling at least 55 miles per hour. But it’s what’s to the left that makes some drivers nervous.

Some drivers say it’s almost impossible to see cars coming from the left. Construction equipment and an upward slope obstruct the view.

“It’s definitely a driving hazard. It’s dangerous. I myself almost got ran into by someone turning into the complex twice.”

During workdays, the Allstons and other drivers are lucky. Columbia Road’s shimmied to one lane, so crews signal traffic. But when the work crews leave, the other lane opens.

“When there’s no work going on it’s a two-lane thing and they’re coming up that hill at 45 or the speed people do around here,” said Murray Williams. “When you’re driving that’s the real bear. Right now, when they’re working it isn’t bad because it’s one-way, but coming up the hill that’s the part that’s real tricky.”

There is one way in and out of this neighborhood. Some drivers that need to head into town turn right onto Columbia Road instead of left. Then they just make a u-turn down the road.