Hurricane Evacuee Finds Permanent Home

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February 14, 2006
Nearly all of the Hurricane Katrina evacuees that were in local hotels have now checked out of their rooms. Many of them have chosen to make Augusta their permanent home as they rebuild their lives in the CSRA.

After five months of living in a local hotel with her three children, Jeanette Wright is finally moving into a new home.

“Once all of the furniture gets in it will be awesome just the way I want it,” Wright said.

A home to call her own after Hurricane Katrina robbed her of the one she had in New Orleans. On top of dealing with that, just last week Jeanette’s mother died. And the very day she returned from New Orleans after the funeral she began moving in to this three bedroom/two bathroom home.

“After from come seeing my mom this was a real nice rest for us,” Wright said.

After the storm, hundreds of Katrina evacuees came to Augusta and many of them are finding places to live making Augusta their permanent home.

Remax Masters Realtor Sabrina Moore has been instrumental in finding homes for hurricane evacuees.

“I don’t just sell houses, I help them rebuild their lives,” Moore said.

“It’s the brightness when you walk through the door,” said Arlean Edwards.

Sabrina worked with Katrina evacuee Arlean Edwards on her purchase of this Martinez home. The previous owner was doing renovations when he decided to sell.

Arlean used much of her FEMA reimbursement money to put down on the house and furnish it. Since the renovations were complete, she got a big discount.

“A greater deal just there by not being floor covering,” Arlean said.

Arlean credits Sabrina with putting her life on hold and cutting out much of the fees.

“Had it not been for her consumption or being consumed with our plight then I don’t think we would have success stories,” Arlean said.

Realtor Sabrina Moore has been working with another Katrina family. That family is actually building a home in the Blythe area.