Some Neighbors See I-20 Construction as Progress

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February 13, 2006
How would you like an interstate in your back yard? That’s what some neighbors along I-20 are experiencing. But everyone isn’t against the construction. Some see it as progress.

Across I-20, just beyond the fence, is Chris Naylor’s home in Eagle Point. Months ago you could barely see that fence from the interstate.

“We had any where from 6 foot to 70 foot trees,” Naylor said.

Now most of the trees that buffered his home are gone. All of the construction is making room for an on-ramp to Davis Road. Chris says he knew it was coming.

“Both my wife and I were aware of it. We went in with our eyes wide open when we bought the property three years ago,” Naylor said.

Lottie Black lives in Park Place. She says she can live with the increased noise from the traffic. It’s the added traffic that the onramp will produce near her neighborhood that concerns her.

“They seem to think it will alleviate some of the traffic, but I think it will increase the traffic,” Black said.

Homeowners agree that all of this is a part of progress, but they don’t want this progress to get in the way of their privacy or the values of their homes.

“I like trees anyway and I hate to see trees taken down needlessly, however in this case there is a reason for the trees to be down,” Black said.

And neighbors are fine with the progress they just want a compromise.

“We also want to guarantee that a sound barrier is going to be put in to protect these homes from sound and also a wind barrier,” Naylor said.

Neighbors say they were told that bids for a sound barrier may go out this summer.