Attorney General Fighting for Domestic Abuse Victims

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February 10, 2006
A murder in Graniteville and deputies say it stemmed from domestic violence. News 12 is on your side with how the state is working to better represent victims of this crime.

"The Aiken County Sheriff's Office has arrested Jeffrey L. Scott, Jr. and he will be charged with murder," said Michael Hunt, Aiken County Sheriff.

It's a domestic disturbance in the worst way. 34-year-old Nicole Mckie shot and killed by a man she knew. It happened here at Kalmia Apartments in Graniteville Friday afternoon.

"They were acquaintances. We think boyfriend, girlfriend," Hunt said.

While Scott was later arrested in Langley and remains behind bars tonight, this yellow crime tape is a harsh reminder of an even harsher crime, domestic violence. Solicitor Barbara Morgan knows it happens more often than you might think.

"We're afraid the dynamics of domestic abuse what might occur is people might report the first time but might either can't or never report again," Barbara Morgan said.

But a change is on the way for cases that are being reported, and it's in the form of funding. The state attorney general is solidifying two million dollars for victim representation in magistrate courts. Aiken County could receive over one hundred thousand of that. It's a start, Morgan says, but not a solution.

"The money will go to the problem. But just the money is not enough money to cover and completely fix the problem," Morgan said.

And it won't replace what friends and family of Nicole Mckie have lost. Hugs and tears, emotions of all sorts, including outrage and anger. News 12 caught one officer breaking up a fist fight at the scene. Human reaction to such an inhuman crime.

Aiken County has yet to see a dime of this extra funding. That's because it won't be allocated until May at the earliest. Solicitor Barbara Morgan does applaud the state's attorney general for taking this initiative, but she reminds us the fight against domestic abuse should begin long before the victim winds up in a courtroom.