Woman Murdered in Graniteville

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February 10, 2006
An Aiken County woman is dead after deputies say her ex-boyfriend shot her twice with a shotgun outside an apartment complex. That's at 401 Kalmia Apartment Drive, right near Canal Street in Graniteville.

Jeffrey L. Scott, Jr. is charged with the murder of his former girlfriend, 34-year-old Nicole Mckie.

Emotions ran high among neighbors and family members. Officers at one point had to stop their investigation to break up a fight. Witnesses gathered around to watch as deputies cleared the area. Off to the side, things got out of control.

Deputies put at least one of these women in handcuffs, and they say some may face charges. The fight added to an already emotional afternoon for Nichole's aunt, Ellen
Trowell. She tells us Nichole's father took the news hard.

"Last time I talked to him, he can't come out here, that's my baby daughter dead,” Trowell said.

Trowell tells us her niece was pregnant, and had a five-year-old daughter by Jeffery Scott.

"She was just shaking and crying. I said where your mamma, she said I don't know," Trowell said.

Officers tell us she was laying outside of apartment 401, shot to death. Two rounds from a shotgun hit her in the arm and chest.

"Mr. Scott was arrested, he will be charged with Ms. Mckie's murder," said Sheriff Michael Hunt.

The sheriff tells us Jeffrey Scott drove this white Buick to his house where he lives with his uncle in Warrenville. Deputies may have gotten Scott's location from his father. Neighbor Adam Kline was surprised to find police tape outside his apartment.

"I was watching Blue Collar Comedy Tour and came outside and police was everywhere." he said.

"Somebody layin out there dead!" Said Nichole's aunt.

It was a day of sadness for some, and anger for others. Two women in the fight face charges of disorderly conduct, at least one of the women may be related to the victim.

Family members tell us Nichole's daughter may have seen the murder. Deputies have not confirmed whether the five-year-old girl witnessed the shooting or not. They do tell us Nichole Mackey’s family members have been notified. Jeffery Scott is in jail charged with murder.