Teachers Say Communication A Problem

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February 9, 2006
They say communication is key and teachers do it everyday with their students. But why are some saying it's not as easy to do with their administrators? News 12's has more on what is and isn't being talked about.

Among talks of rezoning and charter school updates only one issue caught the eye of teacher, Marilyn McCluskey.

"I think the problem pretty much stems from teachers not feeling like we're appreciated and they don't feel like they're respected," said Marilyn McCluskey, 5th grade teacher.

It's a harsh accusation, but Marilyn maintains morale in classrooms countywide is low, even going as far as saying teachers cannot comfortably communicate with administrators.

"They're so many repercussions that will happen if you say something. And a lot of people are scared and they're not gonna say anything. It's almost like a low-grade mafia threat and intimidation," McCluskey said.

It's complaints like those that have school board members talking. Superintendent Dr. Larke says if there are communication problems, he doesn't know about them.

"I think some of the things I heard are things that occurred years ago that's been handled and resolved," Dr. Larke said.

But that may not be the case with teachers like Marilyn questioning the system's current chain of command as well as teachers' healthy fears of speaking out. As demonstrated here, she says, with so many empty seats.

"I don't think we're communicating with our superintendent, we're not communicating with our assistant superintendent and in some cases we're really not communicating with the board," McCluskey said.

"My door is always open. Even if I'm in Wal-Mart they can stop and talk to me. Always open, always," Dr. Larke said.