Wrens Apartment Complex Fears They May be Homeless

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February 7, 2006
Dozens of families in an apartment complex in Wrens may be homeless in a month. They got eviction notices Monday saying they have to move out in 30 days. News 12 is on your side with a closer look at why they’re being tossed out.

Those people in Wrens tell News 12 the memo they got explains the Pine Valley Apartments is under new management. And with the notice, comes the surprising news that dozens of families will have to leave.

“This is your official notice to vacate property no later than March 8, 2006,” said Tangela Jackson, resident.

Tangela Jackson can’t believe what she’s reading. It’s an eviction notice she and her neighbors at Pine Valley Apartments got on Monday.

“We think they was crazy because I think we got families we don’t have money to go to another city,” Jackson said.

They live in housing subsidized by HUD. They say they were given the option in November of last year to either stay or go when their section eight subsidy ended on January 31 of this year. Many of them chose to stay.

“I believe they knew in November they were gonna close and didn’t tell us,” Jackson said.

Under Georgia state law a renter must provide at least 60 days notice to the lessee before they can evict someone but these people say they only got 30.

The new management gave them a list of other places in the county they can go that will accept their vouchers. But Tangela claims she’s went through the entire list already and most of them either don’t accept them or don’t have any space.

“This community is so small no one will take the vouchers so we thought they’d at least put us in a place or give us enough time,” Jackson said.

“You can’t put these people on the streets, where they gonna go?” one resident said.

And to make matters worse they say now they don’t even know who to contact about their problems.

“If anything happens now they say to call the police, what police gonna do to our apartment if there is a busted pipe?” Jackson said.