Thousands Attend Coretta Scott King's Funeral

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February 7, 2006
You often hear funerals being called homegoing celebrations and whether you were watching on TV, listening on the radio or there in person, you would agree that the service for Coretta Scott King was indeed that, a celebration.

It drew people from across the world, including some locally who left early this morning to be there.

“This is black history month for me and I really feel like I’m a part of black history by going to this event,” said Agnes Carpenter.

But for many others who did not attend the funeral for Coretta Scott King, they watched it on television.

“Everyone is pretty sad about what’s going on, but I think we’re going to be okay,” said Jason.

Dozens of Paine College students gathered in the student center. It’s a historic event many say they couldn’t miss.

“Her and Dr. Martin Luther King played a crucial role in the civil rights movement and we definitely have to have some leaders that can step up and continue the legacy,” said Arin Freeman.

“Many people loved her, she had a presence about her, everybody wanted to be around her, so I expected everyone to come out for her funeral,” said Stacy Rozier.

All across Augusta, flags fly at half-staff. Mayor Copenhaver issued a proclamation calling for a day of mourning.

“She was an amazing lady. I’ve always been a very big fan of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King with regards to the work that they did, focusing on peaceful solutions to issues. An amazing woman and I think it is very appropriate that we honor her in Augusta with a day of mourning,” Mayor Copenhaver said.

“We can learn to be supportive of other people, she was very supportive of Dr. Martin Luther King and his dreams and she also supported her own dreams,” Rozier said.