Homeowners Fight Plans to Build Shopping Center

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February 6, 2006
After an hour of pleading their case before Augusta commissioners, it seemed to be a big win for Randy Sasser and three hundred other West Augusta homeowners. Seemed being the operative word.

“The community has spoken out loudly against this, why we are reconsidering this is unknown to me,” Randy Sasser said.

Three weeks ago, they took a stand against this Atlanta developer who wants to rezone land near I-20 to build a 300,000 square foot shopping plaza right by their homes on Walton Way Extension.

“A developer from Atlanta, he is going to come in, do his thing and he’s gonna be gone. Where is his involvement in the community?” Sasser said.

“You know the safety, the traffic, it’s horrendous, right now it is horrendous. It’s only going to get twice as bad, three times as bad if this thing goes through,” said Nancy Nooney.

“Would it increase the tax base? Yes. But you have to balance that with the concerns of citizens, it’s a tough issue,” Mayor Deke Copenhaver said.

Last time in a six-three vote, the plan failed, but now Commissioners Joe Bowles and Don Grantham are asking to vote again. And if one commissioner changes their vote, it will be up to the mayor to break the tie.

“I do not know how I will vote at this point, but if there is ever a tie on the commission, I will always exercise my right to vote,” Copenhaver said.

And if it passes…

“And then the voters will have to speak later on also on why our government is doing what they have been asked not to do,” Sasser said.