Only On 12: 14-Year-Old Killed in ATV Accident

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Some might say she had it all....she was popular, athletic, a talented pianist and had a loving family.

Angel Joiner was her piano teacher.

"I can't even imagine what her father is going through he loved her so much, that's all he ever talked about," Joiner said.

But it would all come to an end too soon for this ambitious 14-year-old, Mallory Johnson. She was instantly killled after being thrown off her ATV on Saturday.

"Every week when it's time for her to come for her music lesson I'm gonna look for her and she won't be there, it's gonna be very hard to adjust to that," Joiner said.

Angela Joiner watched her grow up, having been Mallory's music instructor since she was just six years old.

"Mallory had become so advanced in the past year her pastor even asked her to play a new church hymn she just learned for their Sunday service, only a day after the tragic accident," Joiner said.

Friends of the family say it happened at her birthday party on Saturday afternoon. They say the ATV was a gift from her father. Offically turning 14 on friday, it would be the last time Angela would see her smiling face.

"She was walking down the hall doing like this, a cute wave going hi, I'm the princess for the day and we all got the biggest laugh out of it," Joiner said.

After coping with the loss of her mother in 2003, Angela says Mallory was just recently coming to terms with her death.

"I guess she was called home to be with her mother, she lost her about two years ago, and I guess God decided to call her home," Joiner said.

The family plans to hold Mallory's funeral service tomorrow at 3 pm at Deep Creek Freewill Baptist church in Jenkins County. That's where Mallory would have played the piano in this morning's service.