Willie Allen Sentenced to Life in Prison

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February 3, 2006
He told the jurors who convicted him of murder that it was self-defense. Today, it was the same jury to decide if Willie Allen lives or dies. News 12 was in the courtroom when the sentence came down.

After two weeks of testimony in this case, it only took the jury one hour to sentence Willie Allen. He had already been found guilty of a double murder. Today the question was, would he pay by heading to prison or to death row?

It’s news that couldn’t come soon enough for these families. Convicted killer Willie Allen will spend the rest of his life in prison, with no chance of parole.

“We know that he has been sentenced and not be able to walk the streets of men now, so justice has been served,” said Darren Cobb, brother.

Allen and his family showed little emotion as the verdict came down. Wednesday he was found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend Angela Van-Eeden and her boyfriend Ray Cobb back in 2003. Van-Eeden was shot in the neck and Cobb was shot seven times. Allen’s attorney asked for a lighter sentence saying he acted in self-defense.

Next week the judge will also sentence Allen for four other convictions, including burglary and possession of a firearm.