Augusta's Planning and Development Director retires

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Augusta is losing a long time city employee tomorrow. George Patty is retiring, after more than 40 years of service to the city.


Last year the Regency Mall was one big eye sore. Now the entrances are closed, everything is taken out and the roof is repaired. Patty likes to think his office is responsible.

"There is several things that I'm proud of," said Planning and Development Director George Patty.

He worked on developing roads and making it easier for everyone to drive from one part of the city to the other in about 30 minutes. His office also remodeled 100 buildings in Downtown Augusta.

"They were in pretty deplorable conditions. We came up with a program, I think it made a difference," said

Things on the to do list for the person who takes his chair are identifying neighborhood needs. Planning and Development hasn't done a good job of identifying water, sewer and road problems in communities.

"There are better ways to do things than what we've done. We haven't had the money to do them with our funding," said Patty.

Not making plans is the plan for his next chapter in life.

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