Speeders a Constant Problem on 520

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January 30, 2006
A five a car crash, leaving four dead. Witnesses say racing at high speeds down the Bobby Jones Expressway led to this scene. Though racing isn’t as common, fast vehicles are no stranger to Bobby Jones.

The speed limit out here is 55 miles per hour. With our News 12 radar gun we found many cars going 70 miles an hour. But Richmond County officers say they find cars going much faster.

“We’ve clocked in excess of 100 miles per hour on the expressway,” said Sgt. Glenn Sammons.

Sergeant Glenn Sammons says on one weekend he wrote 75 tickets in an hour and a half for cars going 80 miles per hour or more.

“We’ve caught a lot of people up here speeding,” Sammons said.

As for our experiment, many cars saw our cameras and slowed down. But we did clock a car at 70 miles per hour, and a truck at 71.

Sgt. Sammons says the fastest car he’s caught on radar out here was driving 123 miles per hour.