State Troopers Continue to Investigate I-520 Accident

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February 2, 2006
If you drove Bobby Jones Expressway on Thursday, you may have noticed delays. A team from the Georgia State Patrol was gathering evidence. They’re trying to find out what happened during Sunday night’s crash that killed four.

Troopers and deputies spent the morning surveying the area and marking tire tracks across the median with flags. They say the sooner they gather the evidence, the more accurate it will be.

The lanes were closed off so the Georgia State Patrol could search for answers.

“The longer you let the evidence sit, the faster it disappears,” said Cpl. James Warren.

They’re recreating a real-life map at the site of the crash, hoping the information will tell them exactly what happened.

“We’re plotting positions, we’re mapping the roadway and the evidence such as skidmarks, tiremakrs, gougemarks, and the final resting place of the vehicles,” Warren said.

The vehicles now sit at a body shop. Deputies say the truck flipped across the median. Twisted metal and broken glass are all that’s left. A few memories of its driver, James Skinner, are left behind. Things like bug spray, an old parking pass and his keys still in the ignition are in the truck.

“We’re doing inspections on the vehicles at the wrecker yard involved in the crash,” Warren said.

The state troopers are also checking the other seven vehicles involved in the crash, like the small Chevy car where Gloria Lewis and her 12-year-old niece Tyroneesha died.

“There’s an out of the ordinary number of fatalities for one crash and we’re gonna have to exhaust every avenue,” Warren said.

The Georgia State Patrol says they don’t expect many more delays on Bobby Jones Expressway over the next couple of days. Their next job is interviewing witnesses. State troopers started interviewing witnesses this afternoon, and that will continue for about a week. They hope to have the complete report within 90 days.