Military Police Will Soon Deploy to Afghanistan

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February 1, 2006
Fort Gordon proves to be a vital training ground once again for the war on terror. Ten different groups of military police are there preparing to provide security in Afghanistan. News 12 spent time with the troops as they get ready for combat. For security reasons they've asked to be identified by only their first names.

They're learning to defend themselves in hostile territory, and how to fire under pressure.

Sergeant Jennifer says looking out for each other is important as they get ready to leave for Afghanistan.

"We all have to stick together, we're all going through the same thing," she said.

Sergeant David says sticking together can be the key to survival. Soon, they'll be rushing enemy lines.

"You get together in one group and stay tight like we are, like family," he said.

Their mission will be keeping law and order in the middle east. Commander Mike says everything changes when the danger is real.

"When you're faced with an enemy that's pointing a weapon at you, you have to make quick decisions," he said.

The M9 is the weapon with which they are training, and they have to know how to load the weapons while they're under fire.

"Moving and being pressured and thinking about someone shooting at us is very different," said Sergeant Mike.

The training will last a little over a month, and they will head overseas shortly after. On top of police work, they will also work with U.S. Customs to monitor the flow of U.S. personnel in and out of the country.