Bars Try To Stop Drunk Drivers

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January 31, 2006
Georgia bars are responsible if a driver leaves their establishment drunk and kills someone. News 12 finds out how bars do their best to keep our streets safe.

It’s a Twofer Tuesday at Wild Wings, two drinks for the price of one.

Wild Wings owner Tricie Scholer makes sure double the buzz doesn’t mean double the danger. If a customer’s had too much to drink, she makes sure they don’t drive.

“It’s really hard to tell somebody who’s had a lot to drink that they can’t drive because they think that they can do anything, they think they can fly at that point and you have to be kind of easy about it,” Scholer said.

According to Richmond County officers, Lawrence Skinner wasn’t listening to the staff at Logan’s Sunday night when they tried to stop him from driving away drunk. Soon after, he got into an accident on the Bobby Jones Expressway, killing four people.

“We call taxies all the time, but it’s the sneaky ones that get out. They’ll even try to jump out the windows,” Scholer said.

Bartenders at Wild Wings are trained to cut someone off. It’s really just common sense. They want how many drinks they give someone and watch for signs that someone’s had way too much to drink.

Cutting someone off is Georgia Law. A bar can be held up to 51 percent responsible for a deadly accident if it’s caused by someone they didn’t try to stop from driving.

“We would feel bad anyway. You feel really bad knowing that you served somebody and they’ve gone and had a fatal accident,” Scholer said.

Customer Marty Creech wants his fellow drinkers to take personal responsibility.

“If you’ve had too much to drink and you need a ride home be a man or woman enough to say ‘Hey, I can’t drive, can you get me hoe or can you call someone to come get me’,” Creech said.

But if you don’t say that, someone else just may.