Officials Present Three School Start Dates

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January 25, 2006
Another hot school topic is when to start classes and thousands of students in our area could be affected. News 12 is on your side with the three dates under consideration.

Doctor Lauren Williams oversees the process of picking a new school calendar for Columbia County.

“In the past we’ve scheduled our calendars the way we have because of the thinking that educationally to finish that first semester at Christmas is more preferable,” said Lauren Williams, Associate Superintendent.

But now there’s a push to start later. The three dates under consideration are all in August, the 6th, 15th and 23rd. And the school board wants parents to chime in. A letter to parents will be attached to report cards, sent home on February 3. Parents can vote on start dates online or on paper beginning February 12. They hope to approve the 2007-2008 calendar by March 28.

“Fall break seems to be an issue, either for or against for some parents, there are some of the calendars have more of a fall break and others do not,” Williams said,

But some want the start date even later, including three friends walking the track at Brookfield Park.

“I would definitely go for September. I wouldn’t even think about late August. But if I had to choose it would be the latest date in August,” said Kathleen Leggett.

“I’d pick the later one because it gives parents more time to go on vacation. You know, it’s so warm here in August,” said Marie Perrotto.

“Kids need to have a vacation. They don’t need to go on hot non-air conditioned buses to school,” Leggett said.

Others like the early start date, to get exams done before Christmas break.

Board member Wayne Bridges tells News 12 that if there’s a clear favorite among the three choices, the board will probably go with that. He says it will likely be the model for the following two school years.