Troops Back from Iraq

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January 19, 2006
Hundreds of soldiers flood back home Thursday from the Middle East. Men and women were reunited with family and friends at Fort Gordon today.

It’s been one year since the soldiers have seen their loved ones. So, today was a day of celevration. The soldiers spent the last year in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This is the second deployment for the 63rd Signal Battalion, and with them, soldiers from the 56th Signal and 235th Satellite Company. They got in early this afternoon and received a warm welcome.

"It's gonna feel great. I'll have someone to talk to now and someone to relate to," said Kelly Gee, whose brother came home today.

And Lamar Spires came to greet his mom.

"I'm happy and excited and can't wait till she gets home," Lamar said.

They were just two of the hundreds who came to see their loved ones.