Link Between Robberies in Richmond and Aiken Co.

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January 19, 2006
You could call them a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Investigators say the couple is responsible for several armed robberies on both sides of the river. But what may surprise you is who investigators say did the actual hold-up.

Myoung Shouse has operated this corner store on Eve Street for about 10 months and will all of the customers that come in her store, she will never forget the eyes of this woman.

“When she came in she put the ski mask on, but I could see her eyes,” Shouse said.

Shocked that she was being robbed, but even more shocking was the person doing the holdup.

“First time I thought she was just playing around and I ask her what are you doing?” Shouse said. “She just come in through and she pointed the gun and she say give me money,” Shouse said.

Investigators say 27-year-old Sandy Akin is responsible for at least two other robberies in Richmond County. Witnesses report that 27-year-old Charles Collins was her partner as the getaway driver. Aiken Public Safety Sergeant David Turno says the same scenario in Richmond County played out at Kangaroo Express in Aiken just last week.

“In our robbery here in Aiken she wore a ski mask, but she didn’t put that on until she was at the door of the store so people saw her walking up to the store,” Turno said.

And with similar descriptions, a woman committing the armed robbery and a man driving away, Aiken and Richmond Counties realized they had something in common.

“The female in particular being the one go on armed is different,” Turno said.

And because it was so unusual, investigators believed they had a link.

No one was injured in any of the four robberies. District Attorney Danny Craig and Aiken County Solicitor Barbara Morgan are discussing how they will prosecute the couple since they are involved in crimes in Richmond County and Aiken County.