New Outlet for Education in Columbia County

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January 19, 2006
In just a few weeks some of you in Columbia County will have to temporarily pick another library. Gibbs Memorial will close its doors to become a part of a new state of the art facility. News 12 is on your side with a preview of the new outlet for education.

It’s down to a little bit of cleaning at the new Columbia County library.

“Looking around now, everything looks great, carpet, furniture’s being moved in, books will be moved in the next couple of weeks,” said Stacie Adkins.

The last week in February, Gibbs Memorial Library will be moving into this new, bigger building.

“The library is two levels,” Adkins said.

When the shelves are here, new reading choices will be, too. This room is a soon-to-be heritage and genealogy room about Columbia County.

“There is gonna be so much more to offer in the library. The Performing Arts Center is gonna be a different venue for them. It’s a state of the art facility,” Adkins said.

80,000 books are at Gibbs Memorial Library. 20,000 more will be added to the new one and with five times the amount of computers, workers expect to see many more people coming to the library.

The Performing Arts Center will hold almost 300 people. An outdoor amphitheatre seats 700 and another 300 in the grass area.

“A lot of people are gonna be very curious, just to see the building and see all the things were added. Yeah, it’s just gonna explode businesswise,” said Christina Rice, Library Director.

Library Director Christina Rice is looking forward to new faces and being a part of a better facility to educate people in the county.

“Well, we’ve got one of the best school systems in the area, the library will continue to support and grow with it,” Rice said.

Checking out and checking in to what’s new in the county.

Other highlights? A café and self-checkout.

Mark your calendar library goers. Gibbs closes February 27th for good. You can visit the new library on March 27th. It’s at 720 North Belair Road. A preview gala will be held this weekend. Call (706) 868-3484 for tickets.