New Augusta Tech Campus Closer to Completion

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January 17, 2006
Augusta Technical College is one step closer to breaking ground in Columbia County. The school just received more money for a new campus. News 12 is on your side with what the money is for and how it will help hundreds of students get an education.

Thirty-four acres of farmland and $1.2 million closer to bringing students to the croaking frogs.

“There’s an administration pod, there’s an industrial pod, a classroom pod,” said Mr. Terry Elam, President, Augusta Tech.

Augusta Tech is working on its final plan before setting up shop. Since 2000, the school has received more than $5 million from the governor’s office, money for design and construction. The most recent dollars will be for furniture and equipment.

“It will be for computer labs, labs for industry, this money will be used to buy equipment for training,” Elam said.

The groundbreaking for Columbia County’s campus will come sometime later this year. The school will cover 22,000 square feet of this property and hold 400 students.

President Terry Elam says the plot of land along Horizon South Parkway near Grovetown is needed.

“We don’t have a permanent literacy site in Columbia County. We have a site that’s given to us by a church, but obviously we need to have our own,” Elam said.

Not only will there be adult literacy classes, but welding, business classes and technical education. There are also programs that won’t be at the other campuses.

Three weeks into class at the Augusta campus, Rose Kizziar knows students will find their perfect fit.

“Augusta Tech just happened to fulfill all of my needs. I can come to school anytime day or night, there’s weekend tutoring, and all the teachers are more than welcome to help you if you need anything,” Kizziar said.

For Seattle to the south for Rose, but for some here, an education may just be in their backyard.

All that’s left now is money to pay the staff. Augusta Tech also has campuses in Thomson and Waynesboro. Columbia County’s campus should be open in 2008.