Unlikely Hero Finds Body at Phinizy Swamp

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January 16, 2006
Mud and swamp water. That's where the remains of a hunter rested for two years, until Saturday. News 12 goes back Phinizy Swamp and shows through the eyes of the hero what it took to find chuck logan's body.

Hot on the trail., she picks up the scent. Madison is the one-year-old lab that found what many have been looking for.

Hunter Michael Walden spends a lot of time training his dog for hunting. The training paid off on Saturday morning's duck hunting trip. Madison led the hunters straight to the remains of Chuck Logan.

"It’s a curious animal. She'll go ahead of us like she's checking out everything. The terrain's so rough, anything can happen,” Walden said.

As they were leaving the swamp, Madison ran about 20 feet ahead of them and found something that didn't look quite right.

The knee-deep water was no match for the nose of a lab. She bounded through the swamp several feet behind those trees.

"It looked like it was a bunch of floating camo, I just couldn't believe my eyes," Walden said.

That's when the hunters called the police, all thanks to Madison's curiosity.

"It’s bred in ‘em. It's a natural instinct for ‘em," Walden said.

Because of that instinct, the man who disappeared in these murky waters can finally be put to rest. The Richmond County deputy coroner tells News 12 they sent the remains and dental records to the GBI Monday for an autopsy. She says the those results could take a while to come back.