Many Helping to Build Homes for Those in Need

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January 13, 2006
The non-profit group habitat for humanity is making big things happen in Aiken County. More than three hundred women have signed up to help build homes for those in need. News 12 is on your side with what single-parent families stand to gain.

For Kip Boyd and his two young sons, it was too sweet a deal to pass up.

"It's a dream, you know what I mean? It's a dream come true," said Kip Boyd, Habitat homeowner.

A dream built by Habitat for Humanity, the same group that placed other families like the Boyds in this Warrenridge neighborhood.

"It's just such a sense of pride for the homeowner as well as the volunteers who helped to build it," said Lisa Carlton, administrative volunteer.

According to Volunteer Administrator Lisa Carlton, the boards and bricks are quick to leave the ground these days thanks to hundreds of women making three bedroom homes far more available than in the past. They started this home for example, just two months ago.

"I felt like if we invited 'em they would come and come they did. Over three hundred women," Carlton said.

"I would really love to see it. I really would. I really would," said Debbie Martin.

Debbie Martin is a potential candidate for a Habitat home. She's disabled on a fixed income and could use a break on her monthly bills.

"I've applied but they haven't approved me yet," Martin said.

"Having cheaper payments lets you afford more things, you know what i mean? A better car, a better life," Boyd said.

And for Kip's boys, their own bedroom, for their dog, a big yard, luxuries dealt strictly through a labor of love.

"You're just talking about it gives me chill bumps," Carlton said.

The breakdown of these homes is this: They're three bedrooms with one and a half bathrooms. Typically, owners pay $320 dollars a month and a 20-to-25 year mortgage. Even better, sponsors pay for the materials to build your home and you, yourself are encouraged to help out with that. For more information, you can call (803)642-9295.