Berry Family Talks to News 12

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January 13, 2006
Treymanne Berry was just four-years-old when a 30-year-old brutally beat him. The child’s mother’s boyfriend was babysitting him two years ago. As News 12 reports, although Jermaine Boyd has been sentenced to life in prison, the family still can’t seem to find closure.

Treymanne Berry never made it to kindergarten. The four-year-old loved playing with trucks and eating candy. Treymanne’s father Frank Berry visits his grave weekly.

“It’s hard, I can’t take my child with me home and just got to come to a gravesite to see him,” Frank Berry said.

Two years ago, Treymanne’s mother’s boyfriend Jermaine Boyd brutally beat him. The four-year-old suffered multiple bruises to his chest, armpits and had massive head trauma. Treymanne’s grandmother Ira Washington remembers rushing to the hospital.

“When we got to the hospital Treymanne’s head was real big and it was really swollen, he had all the scars on him,” Washington said.

Jermaine Boyd says it was an accident that Treymanne fell down some stairs, but Frank Berry says he knew that wasn’t the case.

“As soon as I got to the hospital I knowed he couldn’t have just fell down steps, it was just that brutal,” Berry said.

It was a brutal attack with evidence that would be displayed in Jermaine Boyd’s trial. A pathologist testified that Treymanne was punched at least 15 times in the head.

“One picture I was in there and as soon as they put it up I had to leave,” Berry said.

One of the most painful parts of the trial is Jermaine Boyd did not offer Frank Berry’s family an apology.

“He got this smirk on his face like a smile, I just don’t see it,” Washington said.

“For him to sit there through the trial and show no kind of emotion, it’s sad,” Berry said.

But the family finds peace in the irony that Jermaine Boyd was sentenced to life exactly two years to the date that Treymanne Berry died.

Shortly after Treymanne Berry’s death his mother was charged with lying to investigators. Demetria Harris told investigators she was present when the child fell down the stairs. Investigators were able to prove in fact she was not there.