Bats Infest Aiken County School

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January 13, 2006
It was a busy day for exterminators as they caught hundreds of bats inside an Aiken County middle school. News 12 tells you how the school is handling the bat bother.

A nest of bats is outside Schofield Middle School’s cafeteria. And some are flying inside, even into the halls, but no bats have come into direct contact with students.

Exterminators have been at the school since Tuesday and they’ve already caught several hundred bats. We found this one on the sidewalk when we stopped by.

The school has the cafeteria off limits to students. The food service staff is serving students bagged lunches in their classrooms. The exterminators say they’re not killing the bats, just capturing them and treating the area, so they don’t come back.

On Thursday a note went home to parents explaining the situation. The note says students have been warned about the danger of bats.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has been informed of the situation. The school hopes the bat problem will go away in the next few days.

The exterminator says bats are fairly common in old buildings. The cafeteria at Schofield Middle was built in the early 1960’s.