Bank of America Robbery

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January 12, 2006
An everyday lunchtime stop at the bank turns harrowing for some people in Augusta as they become witnesses to a robbery. News 12 was there shortly after the robber struck. Bank robberies are nothing new for this Bank of America. In fact, there have been three robberies in three years at this location alone.

Just before noon, deputies say a balding man in his late 40’s with glasses walked into the Bank of America on Washington Road.

“Entered the bank, approached the teller who offered assistance, presented her with a note demanding all the money and he got an undisclosed amount of cash,” said Investigator Blaise Dresser, Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators say the man apparently left on foot, towards Center West Parkway. The bank was closed for hours as deputies turned customers away. But no one was hurt during the robbery.

“No weapons were displayed, I believe he did motion that he may have had a weapon but nothing was ever displayed,” Dresser said.

This most recent robbery makes three at this same Bank of America in the past three years. In October 2004, Richmond County deputies and firefighters, the bomb squad, and even Aiken County bloodhounds all swarmed the bank. This was after a robber wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun robbed the bank. The man was also wearing a jumpsuit with the letters FBI on the back. And on year earlier, in 2003, a man described by deputies as “very young looking” demanded money. The holdup happened just before lunchtime.

One side note in that 2003 case, Investigator Dresser says they’re close to indicting a suspect in North Carolina.

As for today’s case, below is the man deputies are looking for. The sheriff’s office is asking anyone with information to call 821-1080.