Temperature Treat

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January 12, 2006
After the fog cleared, today warmed up to a high of close to eighty degrees. It’s hard to believe it’s January, temperatures are 20 degrees above normal, and no one is complaining.

No one in the park is letting this day get away.

“Loving it, it’s fabulous,” said Amy Lonergan.

“This week has been absolutely gorgeous and it’s perfect to get out in the park and run around,” said Melissa Jadick.

With temperatures in the 70’s, mom’s workout, kids play and puppies chew, all because of a southern weather treat.

“This doesn’t even feel like January, not at all. But I love it. I love Augusta for this reason,” said Carol Mulherin.

News 12 Meteorologist Adam Clark says temperatures are 20 degrees above normal.

“It’s basically a zonal pattern, it’s been blocking any northern winds and keeping us exceptionally mild,” Clark said.

That mild weather meant some sleeveless shirts today.

For one little girl, it was warm enough to get wet. But, enjoy the weather now because this won’t be permanent.

“There’s always the possibility that February and into March we get a good shot of cold air and even the possibility of snow,” Clark said.

The warm weather will leave us as early as this weekend. Temperatures are expected to be near freezing, but good news it should warm up again next week.