Civil Rights Group Working to Prevent Crimes

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January 11, 2006
The shooting death of a local football star last weekend shook the community. Not only was Jeffrey Ellison well loved, he was victim to a senseless crime. News 12 is on your side with how one group hopes to prevent future deaths like his.

The body of 23-year old Jeffrey Ellison, surrounded by teammates and friends. The same guys used to carrying him on and off the field, now carrying his coffin.

"It hits so close to home cuz it could have been anybody, any one of us, of our friends, you know?" said Larry Johnson, friend.

Just days after Ellison was shot and killed, funeral services are held in his hometown, Beech Island. It's where we found little CJ, who Ellison taught how to throw a football.

"My children love him. They will miss him because he played football with them," said Michelle Lee, family friend.

A young man's dream shot down Sunday night, in what officials are calling a targeted attack not meant for Ellison. Instead, they say, he was in the wrong place at the wrong
Time, one of several recent deaths in Augusta drawing attention from a civil rights group called New Order.

"We're very, very concerned especially about the black on black crime that's going on, the youth crime that's going on, it's just time to start doing things in Augusta," said Gerald Rose, Founder, New Order.

And they plan to start soon. According to founder Gerald Rose, New Order will hold community forums and investigate cases - focusing their efforts on racial profiling and preventing crimes like the one that took Ellison’s life.

"It is an organization that you can be patient, that you can believe in, we're dedicated, we're determined and dependable to be the voice for the voices. And we're coming in to really, really be visible and hope that people will believe in us," Rose said.

And in the meantime a whole town of voices continues to Mourn, t-shirts made with Ellison’s photo and nickname Bo-Dee. The country boy whose spirit his friends say will live on forever.