Crime Hotspots

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January 11, 2006
If you live or work near the interstate, you could be in a crime zone everyday. The interstate means easy access to hotels and businesses. Access that could be responsible for crimes ranging from yesterday's armed robbery to a meth lab over at the Georgia Inn.

That's why Grace Jenkins is prepared.

"I carry a gun," Jenkins said.

She lives near the interstate, and says she stays safe be staying aware.

The concentration of Belair crimes may not be a coincidence. Deputies say recent armed robberies at Stuckies and Best Western are both in the same area. And so was Tuesday’s shooting at Motel 6. And they found a meth lab at the Georgia Inn.

Another area off the interstate with easy access is the hotels and businesses around Washington road.

There have been over forty reports of theft in this area alone over the past couple of months.

Captain Steve Morris says the crimes aren't usually connected.

"The element is coming from the outside in. The fact that they are unrelated makes it difficult for us to protect and prevent,” Morris said.

Grace Jenkins wants to see more police where she lives. But in the meantime, she says staying aware is key.

"I don't walk into situations where I know I don't need to be," Jenkins said.

Officers say exits like Belair with high populations tend to attract the most crime. And more officers are patrolling the area since crime has been a bit higher than normal.