Midwest Levees Threatened Again

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WINFIELD, Mo. (AP) -- Overnight downpours in the Midwest are
threatening already strained levees and there's more rain in the
The National Weather Service says up to 8 inches of rain fell
last night on parts of northern Missouri, adding water to some four
rivers that feed into the Mississippi. And more thunderstorms are
forecast in Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois. A government
meteorologist says, "The flood of 2008 may not be over."
The preliminary forecast for Grafton, Illinois, is for a foot
rise above the peak so far. The new crest is expected to be 13 feet
over flood stage.
In Winfield, Missouri -- along the Mississippi -- authorities
are struggling to keep a 2-and-a-half-mile levee from giving way. A
new 100-foot dirt slide is reported down its slope.
President Bush has declared a major disaster area in 22 Missouri
counties, freeing up federal funding.

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